These two have a concave cut and match the hand hewn look of the mantle   $50 each

These two Walnut Horse Heads were attached to the wall to support a Walnut Mantle with a horse theme

$120 each

These two Sassafrass Squirrels were attached to the underside of a mantle to look like supports.    $130 each

These two Pediments were cut from the same material as the mantle and carved with a deer and a turkey     $75 each

This is one of two carved Walnut Bear heads that are attached to the wall to hold a mantle.    $140 each

These two owl Pediments were carved in Poplar to support a TV stand    $150 each

Corbels or Pediments sit underneath your mantle.    They can be functional or attached underneath your mantle for looks.  

This  7 foot Mantle has words chainsaw carved into the front


This thick Cherry Mantle is at the local Dairy Queen

7 foot

Multiple Carvings


A This old oak beam with lots of character was carved with Oak leaves and acorns across the front for a Bed and Breakfast

5 foot $425

This  Cedar Mantle has a woodpecker carved on either side and some leaves carved in the middle.    $425

This Cherry Mantle was carved with a scene of the cabin and woods surrounding their lot


A This is the center section of a 6 foot cedar mantle with a Cabin and some trees.  $400

A Sassafrass Mantle with scripture handcarved  in the front   $375

Most Mantles can be carved with just about any design

A Wells Fargo inspired Mantle on Cedar 5 foot


A 6 foot Wells Fargo carved design with Texas Stars 



A Cedar Slab Mantle with the Family Name and two Handcarved Honeybees  and Pediments   $600 

A 10 foot long Cedar Mantle with Native animals and trees.

No stain, just carved down to the Heartwood  $700 

I used a very old log from a log home to create this mantle and pediments with carvings.


We can take a log and create a HAND-HEWN look with carving tools to give it a Barn Beam feel

$240   Oak

A Scalloped look which can mimic stone and hand-carving

5 foot with pediments


A Rustic Hand-Hewn Pecan Mantle

Stained  6 foot


A Hand hewn Pecan with rustic Pediments

Hickory  stained


A  Quarter log Mantle has a flat top and back.   It shows as much character as possible.

A Huge 10 foot cedar log mantle with minimal flat space on top   $450

A 5 foot cedar log mantle with hangers    $210

A 7 foot cedar mantle with log hangers.    $290

A Big 6 foot mantle with lots of character and Log Hangers


This Cedar Mantle had lots of Character for its 4 foot length  $300


All of these Mantles here were created for customers .    The price is included with details to help you order your own custom Mantle.

A mantle with a flat top, bottom, and sides, but with a rounded front is called a  D-LOG

A Slab Mantle is a slab of wood that is flat on the top and bottom.    It can be ordered by dimensions

(l x w x h)

This mantle is supported by two pediments that are half-logs.    It is all white oak


This is an Oak mantle


-Sanded smooth



Slab Mantles

Corbels / Pediments

Carved Mantles

Quarter Log Mantles