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Signs are priced by size:
12 x 16   $50
16 x 22  $70
20 x 30  $110-180
Price includes lettering, painting and sealing
 This is the price for a rectangle.
Add $10 for that size cut into a special shape
Add $30-50 for a carving of something(fish, deer, etc.)

Handcarved Restaurant Sign  36"x48" $300

Harley Davidson Sign  $75

Doe Run Sign    $1975

This is a sign for a Bait shop in Terre Du Lac Cedar   $300

Lodge Entrance Sign $600

Gun Dealer Sign $220

Bed and Breakfast sign 18 x 26" (Handcarved look)  $95

TRANQUILITY Handcarved Sign

Family Business sign 13 x 28  (with Carving) $95

This Hancarved Cub Scout sign was 24" x 28" and cost $125

Boy Scout --Arrow of light Plaque   $40

Circle S Ranch has a new hanging sign-Slab sign $150/Poles $150

Family Slab Sign

Winery Signs - Pine $275

Plant Sign  painted   $60

Fish Sign $40

Cabin Sign with Carving $75

Obviously every sign is different.
Finished prices range between $40 and 200 depending on complexity.    They are sealed to weather the outdoors, but like any other wood item they will need to be resealed with a polyurethane when they begin to fade or discolor.

This sign is for an entrance to a duck hunting lodge.
It is roughly 45 x 60 with 8 foot cedar 4 x 4's to be sunk into a footing

This is a tabletop, but still just a big sign with legs.
The diameter was 32 inches and it was 3 inches thick.  In the end it was covered with a 30" glass top.

This is a pair of 8 ft entrance gates with bear profile cutous and character log tops.
All Cedar
with Hardware

This is a logo sign carved and painted on Cedar for a customer.   It was a special shape, lettering style, raised and relief carving, paint, sealed, and an added ribbon sign at the bottom.

Oak 14 x 16    Certificate Sign   $55

Old World Signature sign  $90

This is a 24 inch guitar shaped sign $35

Scripture, Jesus, and Family  30 x 40    $190

Cottonwood sign 60 x 28  $95

Ribbon Sign with painted ends $95

Ribbon Sign for a Garden Arbor $125

Local Dance Studio Yard Sign   40" wide   $190

Plaque for the Sheriff's office    $175

K of C Lake Sign$325

Simple Saying Sign

Various Name Signs $50 - 80

Freehand Potting shed sign with trowel   $80

Signs for Businesses

Sign made for a Wedding


This 7 bat rack is designed after the architecture of the "new" Busch Stadium   $75

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