Quarter Log Mantles

Carved Mantles

Corbels / Pediments

Slab Mantles

This is an Oak mantle


-Sanded smooth



This mantle is supported by two pediments that are half-logs.    It is all white oak


A Slab Mantle is a slab of wood that is flat on the top and bottom.    It can be ordered by dimensions

(l x w x h)

A mantle with a flat top, bottom, and sides, but with a rounded front is called a  D-LOG


All of these Mantles here were created for customers .    The price is included with details to help you order your own custom Mantle.

This Cedar Mantle had lots of Character for its 4 foot length  $300

A Big 6 foot mantle with lots of character and Log Hangers


A 7 foot cedar mantle with log hangers.    $290

A 5 foot cedar log mantle with hangers    $210

A Huge 10 foot cedar log mantle with minimal flat space on top   $450

A  Quarter log Mantle has a flat top and back.   It shows as much character as possible.

A Hand hewn Pecan with rustic Pediments

Hickory  stained


A Rustic Hand-Hewn Pecan Mantle

Stained  6 foot


A Scalloped look which can mimic stone and hand-carving

5 foot with pediments


We can take a log and create a HAND-HEWN look with carving tools to give it a Barn Beam feel

$240   Oak

I used a very old log from a log home to create this mantle and pediments with carvings.


A 10 foot long Cedar Mantle with Native animals and trees.

No stain, just carved down to the Heartwood  $700 

A Cedar Slab Mantle with the Family Name and two Handcarved Honeybees  and Pediments   $600 

A 6 foot Wells Fargo carved design with Texas Stars 



A Wells Fargo inspired Mantle on Cedar 5 foot


Most Mantles can be carved with just about any design

A Sassafrass Mantle with scripture handcarved  in the front   $375

A This is the center section of a 6 foot cedar mantle with a Cabin and some trees.  $400

This Cherry Mantle was carved with a scene of the cabin and woods surrounding their lot


This  Cedar Mantle has a woodpecker carved on either side and some leaves carved in the middle.    $425

A This old oak beam with lots of character was carved with Oak leaves and acorns across the front for a Bed and Breakfast

5 foot $425

This thick Cherry Mantle is at the local Dairy Queen

7 foot

Multiple Carvings


This  7 foot Mantle has words chainsaw carved into the front


Corbels or Pediments sit underneath your mantle.    They can be functional or attached underneath your mantle for looks.  

These two owl Pediments were carved in Poplar to support a TV stand    $150 each

This is one of two carved Walnut Bear heads that are attached to the wall to hold a mantle.    $140 each

These two Pediments were cut from the same material as the mantle and carved with a deer and a turkey     $75 each

These two Sassafrass Squirrels were attached to the underside of a mantle to look like supports.    $130 each

These two Walnut Horse Heads were attached to the wall to support a Walnut Mantle with a horse theme

$120 each

These two have a concave cut and match the hand hewn look of the mantle   $50 each