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Missouri Chainsaw Carving


The mantles on these pages have been created and already sold.    These are here to give you ideas.

Short mantle with lots of character  $300

Handcarved Squirrel Mantle holders   $100 each

Long mantle (Tree)  $450

Quarter Log Mantles   $250-300

This mantle has a carving of a cabin and animals.    It has been sealed, but not stained or painted.   $425

This is a mantle being carved for a customer with a cabin and trees  $325  Cedar

This is a Hand Hewn mantle made to look old and hand cut    $300

This is a 4 foot Hand-hewn and distressed mantle made out of Hickory $175

This is a Slab Mantle sanded very smooth and sealed $275

This is an Oak Mantle 5"thick with two rounded log stands.

This is a Pine quarter log sealed with Amber shelac.    It has two round holders and a natural front.$325

This is a popular Cabin pattern that I have carved onto a few mantles.   This is a closeup of an Almond mantle that sold for $950

This is the end of a 5 x 5" D-log mantle.    It is Pine and 6 foot log costs $200

This Hickory Mantle is 5 feet long and has Oak leaves and acorns carved along the full length of the front.  $420

This is a popular Wells Fargo carving with two Texas stars on a Cedar Mantle.
$310  5 foot

Another Wells Fargo Mantle  $375   6 foot

This Cedar Mantle is 10 feet long. It is carved in the center 6 foot section with native Missouri animals.   No stain or paint

This mantle was made from a 12 foot log from a 100 year old log cabin that was demolished.    From it I created an 8 foot mantle and two 2 foot holders with a deer carved on one and a turkey carved on the other.

Cherry Mantle at Dairy Queen with my Daughter Rose

Carving of the old Dairy Queen and a Dilly Bar.

Classic Logo and Fudge Sundae

Carving of new DQ


Name Mantle with a BEE at each end

Close-up of a grape leaf and Grapes (bad photo)

 This is a Spalted Hickory Counter slab 13 feet long $250
Hickory slab - counter top 13 feet long x 14 inches wide

Samples and Examples
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